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I am absolutely blown away!

I finally decided to fix an issue with my two front teeth which stems from both bad genes and bad luck with the bottom of a pool at age 12. So, on the recommendation of my girlfriend, I went to Dr. Mir in Antioch, CA. We decided the best thing to do was to get 2 veneers to fix a gap and chip thats always losing its bonding. As you can imagine, I was extremely apprehensive about the procedure of getting "new teeth". Besides the pain factor, the last thing I wanted was to get teeth that didn't match. I tend to smile a lot, so I don't want to be self conscious!

During the procedure Dr. Mir checked the color of the new veneers both inside the office and in the natural sun light. How many times has your dentist taken you outside to see what the potential color of the tooth looks like BEFORE they put it on? This alone made me happy to know that some of my fears were being eliminated! As for the pain, I was shocked to have absolutely no pain during the whole procedure. Ok, the novocain injection wasn't something to look forward to, but that happens at every dentist. Besides, after that, I didn't feel a thing!

Since veneers are created in the lab after molds are made, I didn't get the actual veneers put on during the first appointment. However, she did create some temporaries that look unbelievable! I can only imagine that the final teeth will look amazing!

Ill update again when I have the actual veneers put on, but Im sure if its even as good as the temporaries, they will be movie star quality!

Thank you Dr. Mir for making this such an easy and enjoyable experience!

Scott H. - Lafayette, ca

One GREAT Office! - Dental Care Of Antioch is one of the best dentist offices I have been to in a long time. The staff is very caring and gentle. Audrey, the front office receptionist, is very friendly and helpful and always has a smile on her face! I had the most wonderful experience of working with Dr. Elika Mirazaagha. We had talked about the possibilities I had with my teeth. She not only had several possibilities but ones that would fit my budget!!! Dr. Mirazaagha was very gentle with my cleaning and when I had my crown done. Erica, her assistant, was very assuring and wonderful. She offered me great comfort and said if I had trouble with my temporary crown I could come back anytime for her help. I have not only seen Dr. Mirzaagha but I have also seen Dr. Ghobrial and Dr. Giebler on an emergency basis and they were just as wonderful. Kathy, who works in the back on insurance was just great. Very, very helpful when it came to my refereing my to a specialist, which by the way they sent me to Dr. Alex Glim and he was fantastic. The staff here is so sweet and family oriented. Very pleasant place to visit, the office is just beautiful and I love to visit as much as anyone would at the dentist. I hate going but they make it pleasant. Don't last to bad reviews those people have NO idea what they are talking about. I will send all my family and friends to Dental Care of Antioch.

Anon- Antioch

Crowns and Bridgework to Last Past the Apocalypse. That's what I have from Dental Care of Antioch. If you plan on being around past 2012, these dentists are the ones to see right now, before things get really tough. There is no more valuable possession than good dental work, especially when you are where services are scarce. How do I know their work is top quality? It is the excellent fit, feel, and durability of every single filling, crown and bridge that Dr. Elika Mirzaagha and Dr. Ron Corselli have installed for me for well over a decade now. And that's not just my perception alone. The experts confirm it. I have an uncle and cousin who are not only dentists themselves, but are also faculty members of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Their verdict on the quality of my fillings, crowns and bridges from Dental Care of Antioch ? “All your fillings, and especially the bridge work and crowns do not get any better than this.”

Dan Thomas Ryan Antioch CA

I've been going to Dental Care of Antioch for quite a number of years, and their entire staff is fantastic. All of the dentists are very personable and knowledgeable, and I've never had anything recommended to me that wasn't necessary. Now I'm no expert when it comes to dental insurance, but I know enough that every dental insurance program is different and they all cover different percentages of different services. I also know enough to state that every dental office has their own established fee schedule for the services which they provide, and the individual fee schedules are provided to all of the insurance carriers!

Diana G.- Discovery Bay

I LOVE my dentist, how many people can say that!
She is the best, I do not trust my teeth with anyone but Dr.Mir. Unlike other dentist that want to give you additional services and charge you for it (which you really don't need), Dr. Mir maintains your own teeth, tries her best not to fill them. She treats your teeth like it's hers, since she believes in customer service, loyalty and repeat customers, she makes sure you are always happy and even if you do make visits to other dentist, they will give you a complement because you have a great dentist who is taking care of you (That's Dr. Mir). I have heard harsh stories about people going to dentist and getting unnecessary work done, or dentist damaging their teeth. But with Dr. Mir you don't have to worry about anything, her team are very professional and now that they are in the brand new, high-tech office, you really want to go see them often. Thank you Dr. Mir!

NV- San Ramon

I think Dental Care of Antioch is a great office. The dentist & thestaff are great, very helpful. I highly recommened this office avery family oriented office.

Lin J- Antioch

Wonderful, outstanding and friendly. Thats what I call Dental Care of Antioch. The dentist are wonderful and the whole staff treats you like family! Not a fan of the dentist but they make it so very comfortable!

CG- Antioch CA

I'm not a huge fan of going to the dentist, but since I've been going to Dental Care of Antioch for the past 10 or so years, my mind-set has completely changed. I guess it's just a matter of finding the right dental office and the right dentist!?

Everyone there is genuinely friendly; my appointments have always been on-time, and virtually every experience I've had there has been pain-free, so a trip to the dentist doesn't get much better than that! :-)

I go in for regular cleanings and maintenance every three months; I've had a couple of teeth extracted, a root canal performed, and have had several fillings over the years, and all without incident.

I would highly recommend Dental Care of Antioch to anyone!

Bob- Discovery Bay, CA

My husband, and 14 year old daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Mir for the last 12 years; and I could have not asked for a nicer, more efficient dentist. Even though we now live in Walnut Creek, we still drive to antioch every six months to see her.

Jessica S

My family has been serviced by Dental Care of Antioch for well over 10 years. The office is always clean, the staff is pleasant, helpful and they tend to service you on time. The work that Dental Care of Antioch does is impeccable, always leaving us with a smile. Dr. Mir and the staff understand how to service their customers. I must say we have found the best Dentist in town.

The White Family
Alex, Cheryl, Austin & Avery